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The surest path to the achievement of a client’s investment goals is to utilize dynamic investment strategies that react to changing market conditions – pursuing growth during good ones, while actively responding to deteriorating ones. Capital markets are ever-changing. Their constant fluctuation brings fresh opportunities as well as risks, challenging traditional investment approaches. The mainstream prevailing buy-and-hold solutions may work during up trending markets, but it has been our experience that most investors are simply unable to live through significant losses that may occur when the trend reverses. Hence, we believe in striking an appropriate balance between growing wealth during favorable conditions, and vigorously protecting wealth when the tide turns.


We help to clarify and enhance each client’s understanding of their unique current (and future) tax landscape. Our objective is to maximize beneficial results in the areas of tax planning, tax compliance and accounting. Our seasoned professional advisors work in collaboration with the client’s tax advisors to help navigate the client through the complex and ever-changing shoals of tax regulations. We work with each client personally to design and implement strategies that align with all of their long-term personal and financial goals.


Fiscal responsibility is at the core of ensuring that your wealth will be available to you now, and for those you love in years to come. Our bookkeeping services go far beyond the traditional services. We can also coordinate business and personal bill payments, fund transfers, banking relationships, personal finances and even individual and family budgeting. With our clear and comprehensive reporting, easy access to answers from our team about how, when, where (and yes, even ‘why’) any portion of this work has been done on your behalf.


Wealth Architects does not provide legal services to its clients, but we do coordinate legal services via our attorney partners, who work closely with our client’s legal counsels. This is done as an integral activity by the Family Office team to facilitate a seamless integration of the client’s legal services with their long-term family and financial goals. We also provide such education as may be needed in both basic and sophisticated income tax and estate planning strategies. And, we assist our business owner clients through the process of forming business entities, and with ensuring compliance with both annual business maintenance and governance requirements.


We help clients to understand the personal, family and financial rewards of the many philanthropic opportunities that are available to them. This includes helping to facilitate their favored philanthropic strategies. To meet a family’s long-term charitable goals, we can help them to identify suitable charities, evaluate the appropriate charitable structure, establish a governing body for a private foundation, and conduct tax planning and compliance. We also facilitate board meetings, and provide complete accounting and financial reporting.

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